Anabolic steroids are drugs such as trenbolone or substances that work like testosterone. The popular term for these compounds is ‘anabolic – androgenic steroids (AAS).

Anabolic steroids when orally ingested into the body can cause growth & development of male sexual organs, secondary sex characteristics, increases the muscle size & strength. This type of drugs can be used for the treatment of delayed puberty in boys, low muscle mass due to AIDS/HIV, breast cancer. These are often over used by athletes and body builders to enhance their performance and for increasing muscle mass. These drugs are not safer to pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

In many countries this drug is not sold without prescription and the agents of this steroid should be avoided by the professional sport pupil.

A look at the side effects

Apart from these if men use it for long run they face problems like drop in sperm count, Shrink the testicles, Expanded breasts, and in some cases will lose the ability to have children. If women consume these steroids, they can have rapid growth in body hair, leave skin dry and rough, distortion in breast size, enlarge the clitoris; deepen voice, effect on menstrual cycle and unborn baby will also get effected if consumed during pregnancy  . If it is abused by children or teenager then it will result in arrest of the growth. If drug consumption is stopped, side-effects will disappear slowly.

For reducing the risk of side-effects consume lower dose, don’t share the needles and always use a new one, let doctor know the consumption of this steroid, the form in which it is consumed and intake dosage, do not use any other medicine to treat the side-effect, consumption of diuretics with anabolic steroids should be avoided.

Benefits and Effects

There are different kinds of side effects associated with the intake of steroids. There will be change in the production of hormones which should take place naturally when you depend upon artificial means. There will be more aggressive personality when you take steroids. Your fatigue levels will be enhanced and it is possible to stay strong in performing various kinds of physical exercises. Check out the best Trenbolone suppliers in Australia here.

The other positive effects include the ability to lose weight in athletes. The muscular strength and performance will be very much enhanced. There will be improvement in visual appearance, strength and muscle mass. More amount of oxygen will be supplied to the body.

You will be suspended from games if you are found to be using drugs which contain steroids. You will also find some common side effects including paranoia, insomnia, nausea & vomiting, aching joints, high blood pressure, urinary troubles, jaundice or liver damage, heart disease & cancer, susceptibility to HIV and other transmitted diseases.


If you use steroids like trenbolone, it will have impact on your health in different ways. There are some positive effects such as gain of muscle mass, ability to withstand fatigue and other performance enhancement abilities. Even though there are good effects on the body, there will be negative effects as well. Hence, the selection of steroid should be done on both short-term and long-term health gains. You should live long in spite of using the steroids.