Want to lose weight and stay fit? Want to achieve that dreamy physique, but could not invest much time and energy into it? Lack zeal to wake up early in the morning and maintain a healthy life-cycle. To every problem of yours, the only easy, though a not very inexpensive solution is ‘Steroid’. Time and tide wait for none! And our life has a strict routine to follow, so taking out time for physical activity and health becomes difficult. Steroids make life easy for those fitness freaks and bodybuilding aficionados who will kill for the ‘perfect body’!

One of many steroids available in the market nowadays is Anavar. It is the brand name for the core compound called Oxandrolone, which is an anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is both an over-rated (in many facets) and an underrated drug, stated as mild in action. But all of its actions and effects are dose-dependent. Unless one is not surpassing the maximum limit, there are no adverse faces of this drug, but after that boundary, this steroid may cause a mess.

Oral Oxandrolone and its effects

This drug is available in the form of pills and its lowest dose is 2.5mg, which is even suitable for kids. But this dosage is not effective to achieve appropriate results in big bodybuilders and sports persons. The recommended dose for this purpose is 25 to 50 mg per day. There are some experienced users who take almost about 100mg/day, which may be dangerous. One should not buy Anavar from local companies because there is no guarantee of the product and the ingredients they are using. The dosage might not be maintained at the optimum levels or there may be some impurities. So always buy this drug or any steroid, for that matter from a legitimate source and renowned company.

The best part of this drug is that it is not very toxic to the liver as compared to others steroids because of its alpha alkylation modification on the 17th carbon of Oxandrolone. Beyond 50mg/day may induce harsh effects on the liver. It causes an increase in the body endurance, maintains lean muscular body, enhances the complete metabolism of a human body and even helps drop fat. The liver can be taken care of by doing Post-cycle therapy with things that can flush out the toxins from the liver and help in regeneration of liver cells.

Dose and Duration

Always remember that you should maintain the dosage of the entire stack you are employing along with Anavar. The dose and duration should be monitored based on an individual’s age, BMI and medical history and also the drug’s half-life. Longer the half-life, lower is the frequency of the dosage. Always consult your medical practitioner in the case of emergency or when you cannot plan the cycle on your own because it is utmost vital. Reading the reviews and personal testimonies of several other users could help you choose, what is right for you and how you should go along to attain the body you desire!