Summer is probably the most perfect time for changes, so check out these best celebrity hairstyles, which you can do at the best barber shop NYC! Get inspired and always be in trend!

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio

This short haircut is good for men, who give preference to low maintenance, but don’t want to commit something super short. Such style looks terrific and makes you look serious and professional. It requires some styling products, such as little amount of a hair pomade, which will fixate a slicked back mane for all day.

#2 Ryan Reynolds

A high-and-tight hairstyle looks amazing, especially if you have a square face shape. Fade on the sides makes you feel cool with no sweating and the best thing is that such hairstyle doesn’t require any styling products. All you need is to shampoo it regularly.

#3 Pharrell Williams

No products to worry about, no maintenance, and no sweating during daily workouts. This classic buzz cut looks really terrific and stylish, suits for any face shape and does not need any special treatment. For those guys who like activities and don’t sit on a couch.

#4 David Beckham

A classic pompadour looks magnificent with a facial hair. It is suitable for men who really enjoy styling, because pompadour needs to be fixated with a hair pomade and hairspray, moreover you need to blow dry it a specific way. But it’s totally worth it, with such haircut you will look smart for 100{a409b1ef08a01983c116f5eb129fea96d76d88b7de1a52b35a6e542e35ae4fbf}.

#5 Ryan Gosling

A middle part hairstyle looks very cute and nice,and is perfect for those guys who are going to visit their grandmas. It was a joke. It looks terrific and really sweet, almost like Ryan. With a minimum styling, middle part suits for guys with different face shape.

#6 Orlando Bloom

If you one of those luckies who have a curly mane – don’t hide it! Grow it up a little and let down all those locks, like Orlando Bloom did. It looks astonishing and very modern.

Stay confident with a new hairstyle and just be the way you are!