Men with erectile dysfunction try to avoid sex life and feel dejected. But, it is no longer required, and you still have sex by following few basics in your life. You can take medicines that are available in Canada pharmacy to permanently get away from this problem. In the meantime, you can continue to have fun. However, you must know how to achieve that in your life. Everything is in your hands and hence don’t shy away. You can always find a better way, and that is what is discussed in this section for you.

Tips To Improve Sex Life With Erectile Dysfunction

1. Don’t Hide – First thing you must understand about erectile dysfunction is, it is not your mistake and do not shy away for that. Talk to the medical practitioner to get the right prescription and buy medicines from the Canada pharmacy. Also, do not hide from your partner. It is not a crime, and you can still have sex if you can openly tell about your condition. For few, the dysfunction would be timely and others it will vary. So you can discuss this with the partner to come to a common understanding.
2. Indulge in Foreplay – Do you know the secret? More than having an intercourse women love to have foreplay. So even if you have a problem in erection, still you can give her orgasm by trying different innovative techniques in foreplay. You can try different pose and change the ambiance to have fun. Not required to wait for the night to have sex. You can trigger her during the day in the kitchen etc. These acts will give her a feeling of satisfaction, and sure she will understand your problem and will cooperate.
3. Use Cock Rings – You can also try cock rings that will push blood to your penis and will make erection happen. Try to minimize the use of such things to safeguard your health on a more extended run. Artificially inducing might cause severe issues and this exercise caution.

Additionally, you can eat healthily and maintain a stress-free life to get back to your healthy sex life. It is a good practice to avoid masturbating as it leads to permanent erectile dysfunction. Avoid watching porn videos that stimulate masturbation feeling. Have real sex at the right age and enjoy life instead of trying any techniques for want of pleasure that ruins your life permanently.