Dianabol or Dbol is a drug which is not available without a prescription in the UK. For those seeking to get Dbol in the United Kingdom, they can purchase it online. As it is a prescription drug, it is not available anywhere in the UK. Most of the drug comes from Europe. In the UK, it is manufactured by British Dispensary under the name of Anabol. It is quite popular among users and comes in the form of tablets. Although the company produces quality products, there are always concerns for fake and counterfeit products. The company ensures to sell genuine products through various mechanisms like providing hologram stickers and also giving identification marks on every single bottle. The counterfeits have also developed or copied similar identification marks but certain mistakes can be easily verified. One can easily trace the difference when an authentic bottle is placed near a counterfeit one.

DianabolIn Other Countries

Dianabol is very effective and affordable compared to other anabolic steroids. Despite being a steroid of high in demand, it is relatively priced. Before you plan to buy Dbol in the United Kingdom, check the legal status of the steroid in the country. There are other companies which produce Dianabol like Melic, which contains 1000 pink tablets, and there is a Thai company called Body Research / March Pharmaceuticals, which produces Dianabol in the form of tablets. The company Methandon also produces the drug with the letters ES stamped on each tablet. It is also easily available in Russia and Ukraine. The Russian brand ‘Akrikhin’ is also duplicated in the United Kingdom. Naposim, a Romanian company also produces Dianabol,and then there is Metanabol from Poland. In Moldova, Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces Dianabol under the name of Danabol DS. All these brands have been counterfeited in other countries including the UK, but one can easily trace the difference between an authentic bottle and a counterfeit bottle.

Buying Authentic DianabolInThe UK

When buying online Dianabol like the pharmaceutical grade Anabol, the prices can be similar in most of the websites. Compared to other anabolic steroids, it is much cheaper, even cheaper than the pharmaceutical grade UGL. The price difference can be witnessed at the local gym. Pricing is also based on the concentration of the drug. It comes in several concentrations varying from 5mg to 100mg. Most of the websites do not set any limits on the sale of the product.However price range may be different when you buy it in person compared to over the internet. A bottle of Anabol contains 1000 tablets of Dianabol with 5 mg each colored in yellow. There is also Anabol 10 which has 10mg Anabol and the package is smaller.Dianabol in the UK can be bought from British Pharmaceuticals’ Dianabol or from the UGL (Underground Labs). The best way to get a legitimate grade drug is to get one approved by the FDA or similar association. The approved products have been tested to be consumed by humans. They are of high quality and have been tested when it comes to purity and sterility.