Everybody gets stressed. that has just become the truth of modern life. And while most people seek out the quiet relaxation of yoga or laze around in a warm pool in the dark, there are a large number of less traditional ways that you can use to relax.

If you have been experiencing a particularly stressful time at work or in life recently and your regular stress relieving outlet just isn’t cutting it, below are some unorthodox activities for your to try to relieve your stress.


That’s right. Boxing! However, this tip doesn’t come in the way of you heading into a ring and getting yourself knocked out. Instead, it’s advice on getting to your local gym and picking up a boxing class. Boxing classes are high energy activities which require you to jump around as you punch and kick a weighted bag. While it may not be your most favored way to exercise, it sure does the trick when it comes to stress relief.


Another one which you wouldn’t have expected to be on any list of relaxation activities is fly-fishing. While you may not be familiar with the activity, people have been taking advantage of the relaxation benefits of this sport for decades. It doesn’t require much: just a quick visit to the Groupon Coupons page for Orvis to pick up a fishing rod, some waterproof boots and pants, and the desire to stand in peaceful waters listening to nothing but nature for hours on end.

Take a Holiday

When somebody tells you that they are stressed, the first piece of advice that you usually often is for them to take a vacation. However, they never do. And neither do you. Why is that? If you are feeling stressed and feel like taking a vacation, take one! Even if it’s just a weekend away to a neighboring city or country or even a month to travel the globe. If you feel the need to get away, get away!


There is a reason why so many elderly people flock to their gardens when the sun comes out, and it is for the simple reason that the act of gardening is widely known to be calming. This tip doesn’t mean that you need to set yourself up a full vegetable garden, it just means heading into your back yard and taking the time to give it some maintenance. Of course, if you feel like you could build a full garden, go for it!


We know, there’s already a form of exercise on this list! However, this tip doesn’t mean that you should hit the pool and do laps until you can’t move your muscles. Instead, it means finding a safe and clean body of water, getting in, and just swimming and moving around in the water. Don’t focus on particular swimming actions or even a set style of movements, simply move your body around in the water and enjoy its effects.

While all of these ideas may not be for you, the idea of this article is to show you that there is a wide range of relaxation activities which you can undertake that don’t take place in a gym or a yoga studio. So the next time that you feel like you are about to scream at the world, consider these ideas and let out your stress in another way.